Take actions against sexual violence

Put yourself to the test!

What action would you choose if you were faced with these situations? [Answers should appear after user has answered question, but included below each question here for simplicity of proofreading]

At the Party

Nicole really likes Mike. They’re at a party together at a friend’s house and Nicole has had too much to drink. You know that Nicole is interested in Mike, but as he starts to take her upstairs, you notice that she has had so much to drink that he needs to help her up the stairs. What do you do?

You’re hanging out with your friends and chatting. One of your friends starts talking about a sexual encounter that they had on Friday night. When they mention that it was with a mutual friend, the group starts asking questions about how far they went and how good it was. This makes you feel weird. What do you do?

At the School

You’re discussing a novel in your English class that includes a romantic plot between two characters. You notice that one of the guys in your class is staring pointedly at a female classmate every time this subplot is mentioned, and at several points he interrupts the conversation to ask her what she thinks about details of the characters’ relationship. You notice that your female classmate looks very uncomfortable. What do you do?

How can you help?

Standing up for someone when you see they are being mistreated isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but it is the RIGHT thing to do. So, how can you help others while keeping yourself safe?

Know what sexual violence is.

Sexual violence includes rape and sexual assault, but it can also be a sexist joke, a homophobic slur, or an unwanted touch.

Have a plan.

Talk to your friends about it. Would they want you to intervene if they were in a weird situation? Discuss different situations and the appropriate actions. Come up with a plan together.

Be alert.

Identify situations where you feel someone may be in trouble. You might see that someone has had too much to drink at a party or you could overhear inappropriate comments being directed at someone.

Speak up. Speak out.

Take a deep breath. Approach as a friend, but be honest and direct. Never resort to violence, and if things go that way, walk away and seek help from someone with authority.